Freebies & Win a Nook!

Free Presentations

For a limited time only, you can get free presentations (webinars all the way up to in-person sessions) in exchange for varying levels of bulk purchases of the book (as low as 30 books for 1/2 hour webinar). More details on the book pricing sheet:

Free Materials

Yearly Planning Worksheet



The Influence Game is OUT!

Pre-Order on AmazonPre-Order on Barnes & NoblePre-Order on BAMM


Once you’ve ordered, come back here, submit your order number and e-mail address and you’ll get:

  • An MP3 version of my first book, Government by the People read by, you guessed it, me.
  • A PDF version of Avish Parashar’s Say “Yes, And!” to get you started with one of the effective influence tactics Stephanie and Avish discovered independently.
  • A PDF version of my effective meeting handbook, with worksheets and templates designed to help readers with their communications toward policymakers and others.
  • Entry for a lottery to win a Barnes and Noble Nook Color

If you pre-ordered, your e-mail is automatically entered in to the lottery.

Yes, you read that right. Three EXTRA books and the possibility of a Nook color!  Great summer reads (or a listen, as it were)!

Once you’ve ordered, come back here for your freebies!  Just enter your online order number or snap a picture (is it still “snapping on a smart phone?”) and send to with the title “IGReceipt”

And if you’re thinking “man, what a rip-off, I wanted real freebies without ordering anything,” enter your e-mail and we’ll send you “10 Things Elected Officials and Staff HATE to Hear,” but you will not be entered in to the Nook lottery.

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  1. Loved the blog post on civility and compromise. Well done!

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