Welcome Library Friends to the FREEBIES Page!

Why order?  George and George (below) tell you why.  Oh, and there are FREEBIES!

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • A PDF version of Avish Parashar’s “Say Yes And”, which is one of the effective influence tactics we both discovered independently.

Yes, you read that right. Two EXTRA books!  Great summer reads!

But wait!  There’s more. 

  • You’ll also get to choose between a Democrat donkey or Republican elephant stress ball (well, they’re shaped like a donkey and an  elephant, so they aren’t really balls).  Republicans? Democrats? Election Year? Get It?

Please forward this to everyone you know!  Here’s a really short e-mail template:

Stephanie Vance, an “Advocacy Guru” who has worked with the American Library Association for years, is the author of a new book calledThe Influence Game, due out from Wiley publishing on June 5th.  Readers will learn how to apply 50 tactics that D.C. insiders use to influence elected officials to any situation. To be clear, this book is NOT about advocating at government.  It’s about how to successfully persuade in any environment.  The book highlights the work of libraries like ours around the country as an example of effective and ethical influenceIf you want more practical advice on how to support the library, please order this book, which is chock-full of examples of your triumphs.  Order by April 20th for FREEBIES! More information at

Once you’ve ordered, come back here for your freebies!  (and if you’re thinking “man, what a rip-off, I wanted real freebies without ordering anything,” enter your e-mail and we’ll send “10 Things Elected Officials and Staff HATE to Hear” to you)

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