My New Cause: Dog Enfranchisement

Tomorrow I might send my dog Ozzie down to the polls to vote.  It’s 7:15pm on November 5th, and while I know who I’m voting for in the Presidential election, I’m still at a loss for some of the local races.  That’s in part because even I, the Advocacy Guru, has a tough time figuring out who will be the best leader.

Thank goodness Ozzie is in the house, though, because according to this post titled “If Dogs Could Vote” from “dog whisperer” Cesar Milan, our canine companions can identify who is (or should be) the pack leader much more quickly and easily than humans.  They have an inate ability to sense key components of effective leaders, such as authenticity, energy, an emphasis on the well-being of the pack and, most important, what Milan calls a “calm-assertive” personality, or the ability to demonstrate “calm strength.”  These are the dogs (or humans) other dogs turn to in a crisis.

It’s important to note that these qualities aren’t always conveyed verbally.  Body gestures, facial expressions and eye contact all send cues about who really means what they say.  In some cases, it doesn’t even matter what you say — in the political world, as in the dog world, sometimes how you say something is far more important than the words that come out of your mouth.  I know this to be true when Ozzie is misbehaving.  I can say his name and the word “no” all I want, but he knows things are serious when I put “that tone” in my voice.

In essence, dogs instictively know who to trust with the decisions that impact them directly on a day to day basis.  I keep asking Ozzie to tell me how he does this, but he hasn’t revealed his secrets.  So I guess I’ll just get him to fill out the ballot.  That’s not voter fraud, right?

And speaking of filling out ballots, don’t forget to vote!


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