Friends Don’t Let Friends Influence Badly

Finally!  The Influence Game is out tomorrow and it’s a little like anticipating a trip to Disney World (remember the commercial with the kid who can’t sleep because he’s “so excited?” – that’s me, minus the dignity of a five year-old.)

To celebrate its release, I’m offering all my favorite blog readers (OK, all my blog readers) an article on effective influence that you may feel free to use for your own newsletters, blogs, e-mails and other electronic and/or hardcopy missives. It covers what I see as three keys: knowing what you want, knowing the rules of the game and knowing how to follow-up.  If you’re in a situation where you need free content to inspire and inform others – this is it.  Use it.  Please.  I’m tired of all the bad influencing going on out there.

Also, I’m being SUPER sneaky and posting the link on the pre-order page where, just incidentally, you can purchase the book, get a bunch of freebies AND be entered in to a drawing for a Nook color.

While I’m sure you can’t think of any better way to celebrate, I hope you’ll stop by the blog tomorrow, Tuesday June 5th when I’ll increase the party mood by discussing another critical D.C.-insider strategy for successful influence – the cocktail party.  In a release far more anticipated than the book itself, I will reveal the recipe for a drink I invented (probably not independently) called the “African Wild Dog.”  It’s much like a delicious milkshake made out of alcohol.

Don’t miss it.  Stop by tomorrow.


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